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Tile Options for a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

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A place to kick start your day, to unwind after long hours at work, for gathering with family and friends over the weekend – an outdoor patio is that part of the home that comes to your rescue each time you need a break from the regular. Keeping in mind its importance, it becomes paramount for the outdoor patio to echo the rest of your home design, reflect your personality and be built to last.


Whether your shed needs an overhaul or your poolside deck needs a dose of elegance, outdoor tile is the perfect material to enhance your patio. Here are some tips for incorporating tile in your outdoor oasis.

Wall Tiling

Walls or half-walls can help redefine your outdoor space. Whether high or low, they can give your patio a private and intimate feel. To make the space more vibrant and inviting, add colourful mosaic tiles or patterned wall tiles. When it comes to finish, slip and weather resistant matt tiles are ideal for use in outdoor settings. Alternatively, wall claddings can be used to enhance the rustic character of the space and add an extra layer of protection.

Go Natural

Love the look of hardwood but worried about its durability and maintenance? Wood-look tiles offer the best of both worlds. Resistant to moisture and also very easy to clean, wood-look tiles resemble the look of actual hardwood. Plus, they don’t require re-staining. With a proper sealant, your wood-look tiles will be as good as new for a long time!


Minute details can make a huge difference to any outdoor space. Whether you use designer floor tiles or those for the walls, decorative tiles are an effective way of personalizing the space. Create an industrial look with distressed finish tiles or a nautical, beach house-inspired look by combining blue and white tiles in interesting patterns.

Add Colour

The outdoor patio or pool deck is the perfect space to add colour to your home. If not a big fan of colourful tiles, opt for a more neutral palette and add a pop of colour with plants or other home décor accents like vases. Try incorporating vibrant mosaic tiles on one of the walls in an otherwise monochromatic set-up; it’ll help break the monotony and instantly brighten up your space.


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On August 22, 2017

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