Ezy Grout

Somany Ceramics, a versatile brand lives up to its philosophy of providing unique concepts to its clientele. Our aim is to provide one stop solutions to our patrons. Following the tradition, we have presented an entire gamut of ISI marked & Non ISI , high quality Adhesives, Cementitious & Epoxy Grouts, Tile Cleaner, Epoxy Grout and Spacers.

The EZY Grout are polymer modified , non shrinking Cement based as well as Epoxy based; and are available in 27 fast moving colors. Epoxy Grout gives a chemical resistant, waterproof grouting to the tiles. The Tile Cleaner is of a high quality product that will clean the tiles with much ease. Also, the Tile Spacers are available in thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm. Somany Strives to deliver the best quality products at the highest value to our customers. The Ezy Fix Adhesives & Grouts being unique in their properties, which are highly recommended for laying the Tiles & filling joints are available at all the Somany’s Dealer outlets.