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Monotone Home Interiors: Design Inspiration

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Design Inspiration

As easy as it may sound, tackling monotone themed interiors is not the simplest of tasks. With a well-structured plan in place, single tone rooms can look quite stylish and interesting. However, without a proper concept in mind, you may run the risk of ending up with lacklustre interiors.
To make a monotone colour scheme work, various design elements like texture, contrast and pattern come into play. Here are a few smart ways to achieve monotone interiors without having to worry about the end result:


Wooden Accents

Wooden Accents


Make use of timber accents to add warmth and life to a room with single coloured walls and flooring. Wood works especially well with neutral shades like eggshell, beige and cream. But you must ensure that all wooden furniture and accessories have the same shade. Varying shades will create clutter and disrupt the harmony of your neutral palette.

The kitchen shown here is a perfect example of how to execute monochrome correctly. The wall tiles, cupboards and shelves are all in the same shade of white but the space looks anything but boring. The wooden platform subtly brings warmth into the kitchen, which would have otherwise looked stark and overly pale.





Use of contrast is a smart and effective way of adding character to a room with a monotone scheme. Opposing colours, patterns, or textures are commonly employed to create a striking contrast. However, it must be carefully done so as to maintain the correct balance.

In the image above, rust cushions are instrumental in breaking the monotony of an all-gray décor. The image also serves as a great example of making block-colour linen or furniture the focal point of the room.





Texture is an essential component of any single tone colour scheme. Varied home décor accessories like curtains, cushions, rugs and designer floor tiles are a great way of incorporating texture into any kind of set-up, especially monotone.
The picture shown here tells you exactly how it’s done. While printed wall tiles add interest to an otherwise basic lounge, the off-white rug brings drama while still maintaining the neutral theme. The geometric table stand is also a unique and playful way of bringing in another dimension into the layout.




Using subtle patterns in monotone interiors is a fail-safe way of livening them up. Not only does it create contrast but also gives you scope to display your personality.

This elegant bathroom meets all the requirements for a classic, clean and sophisticated bathing area. While it would still be beautiful without the wall tiles, we must admit that they impart an extra dose of freshness and oomph – just want monotone interiors need!






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On June 6, 2017

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