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Duragres Tesoro Unveiled: Luxury Has a New Definition!

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Cast a look at the ancient wonders of the world, and you’ll witness how great craftsmen from the past created such masterpieces with materials derived from nature. Inspired from the grandeur of history, we recently launched the Duragres Tesoro collection of premium colour body tiles available in Full Polished, Stone, Wood and Metallic finishes. They are versatile, durable, and are styled as a ‘treasure trove’ of tiles which draw inspiration from natural substances.

However, there’s a lot more to the Tesoro collection than what meets the eye.

Originating from an amalgamation of clay, feldspar and quartz, Duragres range of glazed vitrified tiles are exceptionally scratch and stain resistant. Offering exceptional product finishes namely Stone finish, Metal finish, Wood finish, Marble finish, and the Impression Series, Duragres Tesoro reinstates luxury through its eco-friendly assortment of tiles. As the world develops an environmentally-conscious outlook, we are proud to have done our bit in bringing the green revolution in the manufacture of tiles through Duragres Tesoro. Keeping in mind that today’s customers are intelligent and environmentally-responsible, we have crafted our latest range to reflect their excellent choice of eco-friendliness and their refined taste in luxury.

Behind the stunning metal finish tiles, and other impressive tile finishes that borrow from the elements of nature, is our groundbreaking R&D. The new range replicates marble, granite, metal, wood patterns and other exotic stones using the most remarkable closing systems which insert rich colour pigments into the tiles. This prevents any damage caused due to chipping or wear and tear, and remains indiscernible due to uniform colouring throughout the depth of the tile.

Along with the infinitely long-lasting surface designs, Duragres Tesoro provide ease of installation and exceptional resistance to heavy footfall.

The ready-to-fit, pre-mirror polished, thickness-calibrated, computerised edge cut and corrugated box-packed assortment of tiles provides the perfect flooring solution for modern consumers looking to live the close-to-nature experience in the comfort of their homes. The tiles are available at all Somany Exclusive Stores and Experience Centres in 600*600mm and 600*1200mm sizes lying in the price range ₹90 to ₹180 per sq. ft.

With Tesoro, Duragres aims to expand its portfolio with a strong presence in the niche market of architects, influencers and end consumers.


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On September 8, 2017

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