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Decorating Your Kid’s Room – Tips & Tricks

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Whether it’s sleeping, studying or playing – kids spend most of their time in their rooms. This makes it imperative for this space to echo their personality and ensure their comfort.

Involving your kids in the decorating process is a great idea. And while your kids can help get those creative juices flowing, you can ensure that the décor also serves its functional purposes.

Here are a few ideas to get you started-


Old Meets New

Combining modern and rustic elements can add a dose of character in your kid’s bedroom. If you’re inclined towards modern furniture and design elements, balance it out with wood-looking floor tiles. You could also infuse the raw element in the form of a wooden stool in the workspace or a barnwood dresser. Ultimately, it’s all about striking a balance between the two design aesthetics.

Timeless White

Crisp white interiors make for a perfect canvas to inject bright bursts of colour and patterns. This can be done in multiple ways using bright curtains, bedspreads and rugs. You could also tile your way to a feature wall and breathe life into an all-white space. Wall tiles in punchy colours and playful patterns work really well in in a children’s room and allow for endless creative experiments. Going with white as a foundation also means that the bedroom can grow with your kid by changing accent hues from time to time.


Storage Made Fun

Clever storage options are essential in every kid’s room to help keep it tidy and create more space. Built-in cubbies and bed births are practical solutions, and so are flip-top ottomans that can be used to store clothes or stuffed toys. It also makes sense to have a laundry basket placed right next to your kid’s bed to minimize clutter and encourage tidiness. To make things quirky, you could use a wall as an effective storage spot. Hang a string of wire baskets along the perimeter of the wall or pick a corner to hang a colourful toy net. This hack is especially useful if you’re short on square footage.

Touch of Vintage

Showcasing antique collectibles from your childhood will envelop the space in a nostalgic charm and give soul to it. Alternatively, a vintage piece of furniture like an iron bed or vintage fabrics and frames also make striking counterpoints to the otherwise contemporary vibe of the room. Something as hassle-free as crocheted bedspreads or patchwork blankets are also powerful ways of adding a vintage charm.

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