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4 Bathroom Trends for 2017

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4 Bathroom Trends for 2017

For the longest time, bathrooms were considered mere functional spaces. But over time, their aesthetic value has substantially increased. With more and more homeowners looking to infuse a ‘spa-like’ feel to their bathrooms, it is obvious – your bathroom’s design needs cannot be ignored.

Create a Mini-Retreat

4 Bathroom Trends for 2017 2

Also known as a soaking tub, a free-standing tub can instantly add a luxe feel to your bathroom. Unlike a built-in tub, the free-standing tub stands alone and is not connected to the shower. In that sense, it resembles the look of furniture and becomes a focal point of your bathroom. The trend was first observed in upscale villas and bungalows, and is slowly making its way to modern apartments.

We personally love the look of clawfoot tubs. They help create space beneath the tub and let you show off your floor tiles.

Inject Pattern

4 Bathroom Trends for 2017 3

Gone are the days of restricting pattern to walls. This year, interior decorators all over the world are going for patterned floor tiles to bring personality to a bathroom. Geometric patterns, in particular, make a cool statement when used in monochromatic tones. Extending your wall tile pattern to the flooring is also a fun way to experiment with pattern.

If you’re looking to add more depth and texture, we recommend pairing honeycomb or hexagonal tiles in a dark colour like navy with a contrasting white grout.

Go Green

4 Bathroom Trends for 2017 4

‘Greenery’, the colour of 2017, has been making a huge impact on the design world. The colour can be used both as an accent and as a base theme. But if you’re not yet ready to see a whole lot of green, introduce it in smaller doses to give a refreshing look to neutral toned bathrooms. Variations of green like lime green, emerald and hunter green can be infused in the form of plants, a statement garden stool or wall tiles.

Mix and Match Metals

4 Bathroom Trends for 2017 5

Metal accents enjoyed immense popularity in 2016. Thankfully, they’re back in 2017 with a refreshing spin. Warm metals like copper and bronze that were trending last year, are being mixed with cool metals like pewter and steel to create unique visual interest. The trick is to pick a dominant metal that lends a sense of unity to the space, and accentuate it with small doses of other metals.

Incorporate this trend in your bathroom through metal finish tiles, mirrors or fixtures. It also helps to remember that warm metals go well with warm hues like reds, browns, and yellows whereas cool metals complement cool hues like blue, green, and violet.



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On May 16, 2017

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